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CBD-based derma cosmetic products

Innocan Pharma ™ is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing products that take advantage of the unique properties of cannabinoids in combination with intelligent delivery formulations. Innocan Pharma ™ has developed several premium lines of derma cosmetic products that contain a tailored blend of highly concentrated ingredients with CBD.

All products are examined through extensive scientific studies and tests and their effectiveness is verified. This ensures that the customer receives only the highest quality products that can support natural beauty and the body's own immune and regeneration powers.

Cosmetic clinical studies

The studies were carried out by an independent research laboratory: INOVAPOTEK, Pharmaceutical Research and Development in Portugal.

Clinical study overview

Carried out by Dr. Josef Geldwert and the Center for Podiatric Care & Sports Medicine in New York.

The study shows that more than 90% of participants experienced pain relief after using Innocans Relief & Go OTC pain relief spray.

Overview anti wrinkle effectiveness study

A cosmetic clinical study on 20 volunteers that showed a 90% 95% reduction in facial skin wrinkles after using the SHIR Premium CBD Facial Serum.

Overview of the Hydrating Efficacy Study

According to study results, the investigational drug induced statistically significant increases in hydration of up to 164.66%, 141.63%, 146.15% and 121.17% with mean values ​​of 107.81%, 87.28%, 66.67% and 31 , 29% after 2, 4, 8 or 24 hours of a single product application compared to the negative control.



Patent pending solution for pain relief by combining three different mechanisms in one: Menthol & Methyl Salicylate - A topical analgesic / Magnesium - a muscle relaxant.