Neurodermatitis & CBD - Part 2 - a field report

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2022-07-05 21:37:00 / Sience Informations
Neurodermatitis & CBD - Part 2 - a field report - Neurodermatitis & CBD - Part 2 - a field report

How does the ingredient in care products work?

I've been a neurodermatitis patient for a good 35 years, my skin has slight flare-ups from time to time, so I need a care range for very sensitive and dry skin.

SANDR Cosmetics sells Innocan Pharma products formulated by renowned scientists. I was allowed to test all the products in the SHIR series for around 6 weeks. Of all the products, the effect of the "Recovery - Body Lotion" is very positive in my memory. It has an extremely soothing effect on dry and itchy areas (arms and legs), is light, absorbs quickly and provides the skin with lasting moisture and lipids. Like an invisible protective film that lasts for hours. What I found particularly pleasant was the slightly cooling effect - this calmed the itching. This is extremely important for neurodermatitis patients, especially in the hot summer months. The only small drawback for me is the small retail size of 100 ml, as a patient with this disease you definitely need a larger amount because you often have to apply cream twice a day.

When I asked the distributor in Germany - SANDR Cosmetics, I was assured that they were aware of the problem and would take it into account and implement appropriate offers. This means that patients can look forward to a large bottle with more content or attractive offers. I think it's great when companies see the desires and the necessity behind them and implement them for the customers as quickly as possible.

For facial care, I used the Facial Serum in combination with the Face Cream and the Sleeping Mask as a moisturizer. This is protection and anti-aging around the clock. My skin is soothed, has a nice natural glow on the skin and feels saturated. No feeling of tightness on the skin, the care effect of the products lasts all day and is also well suited as a base for day make-up. What I noticed after about 3-4 days, the slightly reddened areas have become paler and the overall appearance of the skin looks much calmer. The active ingredient CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, which is therefore a good care recommendation for neurodermatitis patients. If you look at the ingredients - only the highest quality and modern active ingredients and with a very good tolerability. I found all the products to be rich and very productive - less is more here - I think one pot of cream is enough for 6-8 weeks. Products have a very nice packaging - the color green - suits the content.

My personal conclusion is:

A very effective and well-tolerated care series for neurodermatitis patients. Pleasant skin feeling, neutral fragrance and as a result beautiful and calmed skin with the bonus of the anti-aging effect.