Neurodermatitis, CBD and the power of hemp - part 1

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2022-06-27 21:12:00 / Sience Informations
Neurodermatitis, CBD and the power of hemp - part 1 - Neurodermatitis, CBD and the power of hemp

Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that many people deal with in their daily lives. Due to the unpleasant symptoms, many sufferers usually do everything they can to get these symptoms under control. These stresses often result in psychological problems. In recent years, the number of sick people has increased almost steadily. Natural ingredients like sea salt and cannabis are highly valued for their soothing and regenerating properties for this type of skin problem. Affected people increasingly trust natural healing methods. So how could the natural power of the cannabis or hemp plant help? What does modern science say about this?

Clinical picture - neurodermatitis - what is it?

Atopic dermatitis can occur in childhood and can even cause skin problems in old age. A typical course of the disease is associated with inflammatory processes in the skin and can also occur repeatedly and in flare-ups. First of all, the skin becomes very dry, which can cause severe itching. Experts also speak of an atopic disease, which corresponds to a genetic predisposition to react to various environmental substances. These substances can be of artificial or natural origin. Affected people learn over time which substances can lead to their skin problems. An increased formation of immunoglobulins usually triggers the reactions that can lead to the typical symptoms. In this context, one can simply speak of an overreaction of the immune system and could therefore also be linked to an allergy. 

Unfortunately, in many cases people suffering from neurodermatitis do not only have to deal with the symptoms of the disease. There are often problems with one's own psyche. Those affected often tend to reduce contact with other people. A risk of infection is not decisive in this case, it is rather uncomfortable for those affected to show themselves in public with the visible symptoms. Symptoms usually appear on visible parts of the body so that they cannot be covered by clothing. It is not uncommon for people to feel a kind of shame for their own appearance and as a result their own self-esteem downgraded. One could now speak of a reduced quality of life, which is caused by the disease neurodermatitis.

What are the causes of neurodermatitis?

The actual causes of neurodermatitis have not yet been fully clarified. According to the current state of knowledge, a genetic predisposition must be present. Children of people suffering from neurodermatitis are therefore at a higher risk of becoming ill themselves. The disease itself is not contagious. Statistically speaking, children whose parents have neurodermatitis have a 40% chance of developing it. The risk of other atopic diseases usually also increases and is associated with diseases such as hay fever or asthma.

Symptoms are often triggered by small itchy skin knots, leathery swellings in the facial area and severe, constant itching. It is not uncommon for symptoms to appear on the neck, forehead or around the eyes. Even on the palms of the hands or under the feet are not spared.

Other symptoms can be defined as follows:

  • Dennie Morgan crease, a double lower crease on the eyelid
  • White dermographies, light areas of the skin after irritation of a chemical or mechanical nature
  • Constantly recurring conjunctivitis
  • various other eye diseases
  • perioral pallor, a noticeable pallor around the mouth

A diagnosis is made by the doctor when the IgE antibodies in the patient's blood are elevated, an allergy test has been positive and white dermographs are visible.

A treatment plan is drawn up depending on the degree of severity (level 1 - 4). From the third stage, stronger immunemodulating drugs are usually administered, which increase up to cortisone, which in turn severely impairs the immune system. However, the first two stages can be treated with special creams and ointments

Endocannabinoids against neurodermatitis symptoms

Studies have shown that the body's cannabinoid system can relieve the symptoms of eczema. An example of this is a 2008 study by a Munich institute that examined the cannabinoid PEA and found that itching, redness and flaking decreased after regular treatment with products containing cannabinoids. Even the formation of eczema could be reduced by 60%. For comparison there was a weekly treatment with cortisone with the same results but with more side effects. Do you see a real alternative to cortisone?

Is CBD oil useful for neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis has often been the subject of research and studies in recent years. The results have proven that the cannabinoids from the hemp plant, such as CBD and also THC, can relieve itching on the skin. Amazing results have also been observed in psoriasis. Scientists and researchers agree that the positive results are due to the cannabinoids and their antiinflammatory properties. It can also be assumed that taking CBD oils has a positive effect from the inside. With regular intake of high-quality CBD oil, the immune system can also benefit and thus increase the immune system.

CBD oils can also have a calming and sleep-inducing effect. If CBD is used as an ingredient in creams and ointments, they can help to reduce so-called free radicals and thus have an antioxidant effect.

Micronutrients for sensitive skin

In addition to the unsaturated fatty acids from high-quality vegetable oils, our skin also benefits from selected nutrients such as vitamins. If you have irritated and dry skin, you should make sure you get enough vitamin D3, zinc and selenium. A great support for the CBD oil is also the ingredient of the turmeric root.

Products for neurodermatitis patients

In addition to CBD (cannabidiol), high-quality oils such as hemp seed oil are used. Evening primrose oil or borage oil irritated, dry skin. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in oils, particularly gamma-linolenic acids, can also help relieve itching and redness. At the same time, they also have anti-inflammatory properties.

The desire for organic

Natural cosmetics do without synthetic ingredients such as paraffin oil, silicone, polyethylene glycol, parabens, mineral oils, genetically modified organisms and synthetic fragrances. The treatment of plant and animal raw materials and the end products with ionizing radiation is not permitted. In addition, a sustainable, resource-saving production without animal testing is the focus of many manufacturers.

There are three levels of certification or quality under the Ecogea seal of approval – natural, naturally organic and purely organic. Only physically processed and chemically processed natural ingredients from wild-collected or agricultural sources may be certified as "organic". In this case, organic cosmetics are particularly desirable for fans of natural cosmetics and can be classified as very high quality - because certified organic cosmetics also contain a higher percentage of natural ingredients and ingredients from biologically harmless sources than purely natural cosmetics.

Atopic Dermatitis and CBD – Resume

There are different approaches to the treatment of atopic demitis. Internally, CBD oil can be a good base to strengthen the immune system, sleep better and relax. Mental illnesses can also be treated. For external use, CBD creams and ointments of certified organic quality are recommended. Due to its fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid, hemp seed oil is a good source of moisture for irritated skin. Orthomolecular measures with the supplementation of vitamin D3, selenium, zinc and curcumin bring further support from within.