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The CBD hemp products we offer are hemp products made from certified EU hemp varieties that are listed in the common catalog of varieties for agricultural plant species in accordance with Article 17 of Council Directive 2002/53/EC of June 13, 2002, OJ No. L 193/2002 S.1 or in the Austrian variety list according to § 65 Saatgutgesetz 1997, Federal Law Gazette l No. 72/1997, in the current version or similar updated versions.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural component of the hemp plant. For thousands of years, the cannabis plant has been used around the world. However, there are still too few clinical studies on humans that would prove any medical effects of cannabis.

We are not authorized to provide information about the health aspects of the products. According to the legal regulations, we are forbidden to make any promises of healing.