How CBD - cannabidiol can ensure a healthy sleep

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2022-09-18 10:16:00 / Sience Informations
How CBD - cannabidiol can ensure a healthy sleep - How CBD - cannabidiol can ensure a healthy sleep

You look tired, did you sleep badly? If you hear this question more often and your nightly sleep is restless and no longer restful, this can lead to problems in the long run. Your performance and ability to concentrate decrease. You feel tired and exhausted. Every third person regularly sleeps badly and doesn't wake up well rested in the morning. This can be caused by everyday stress, psychological problems, chronic illnesses or even pain. There are people who regularly resort to intoxicating substances in such cases. But alcohol and co. are not the right choice for sleep disorders. One should rather ask the question of the causes. If the causes are found and an inner balance is restored, CBD can help to maintain the balance. Many people report the positive properties and experiences after consuming CBD products. Taking CBD orally (e.g. in capsule form) can help to get your sleep problems under control. CBD - cannabidiol is the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant and can be easily administered as an oil, taken as a capsule or vaporized. The goal of finally sleeping through the night again can be actively supported.

The effect of sleeping pills

Conventional sleep aids work relatively well and are often the first step many people take when dealing with insomnia. The cause of the sleep problems is usually not even sought and thus sleeping pills become a regular occurrence. Our advice at this point Advice, in the case of sleep problems, always first question the cause or the reason. If there is no immediately identifiable reason for the difficulty sleeping, you may simply not be a good sleeper.

Unfortunately, sleeping pills often have side effects and it is often reported that you wake up in the morning exhausted and not really fit like without sleeping pills. This could quickly lead to dependency because you think you can't sleep at all without pills. This is where CBD products could come in handy and help you sleep better. Some properties of such products are muscle relaxant, anxiolytic and balancing. Just like traditional sleep aids, cannabidiol acts on a specific part of the nervous system that affects not only overall mood, but also sleep in general.

Poor sleep due to stress

The most common cause of sleep disorders is everyday stress, which can have a major impact on our lives and sleeping habits. Over time, this can have a huge impact on restful sleep. Effects are, for example, nocturnal restlessness, waking up or being startled. It is not uncommon for people to have nightmares or toss and turn restlessly. Our organism and spirit tries to process the impressions of the day. When we are overloaded and
overstimulated, as is often the case these days, our brain can quickly reach its limits. Over time, a certain fear of sleeping can develop. This mostly happens subconsciously and can mess up the sleep process and sleep rhythm. Because CBD has strong anti-anxiety effects, it can help interrupt negative thoughts and bad habits and get the body back into a normal sleep pattern. 

CBD relaxes the muscles

It has long been known that CBD is able to support the body in a way that hardly any other drug can. In the right dosage, cannabidiol can produce a strong muscle-relaxing effect. When smoking a joint, the intoxicating THC and CBD ensure that the state of intoxication subsides and a calming phase is initiated. If CBD in the form of oil is dripped under the tongue just before sleeping and is absorbed by the mucous membrane and enters
the bloodstream, the effect can occur after about 20 minutes, depending on the amount and person. Control of the body and mind is not lost, but is calmed and relaxed. 

CBD reduces pain and inflammation

Now you're probably wondering, what does this have to do with sleep? Many people suffer from chronic diseases in the muscles and joints. One of the most common so-called widespread diseases is back pain. They are usually triggered by one-sided, incorrect or missing movement. Once these movement patterns are manifest, pain can worsen and become chronic if left untreated or changed. The tension and bad posture of the day become noticeable, especially when we are sleeping, when the body comes to rest and our mind is not distracted. If you want to counteract this, the causes should first be found before CBD as a support can work for a pain-free and balanced life. CBD can have an analgesic and antiinflammatory effect here and thus help relieve back pain or headaches.

CBD instead of sleeping pills?

Over a million people in Germany are dependent on sleeping pills, many of them women, although the number of unreported cases is generally estimated to be much higher. The main active ingredients in sleeping pills are so-called Z-substances and benzodiazepines. They have an anxiolytic, calming, antispasmodic and muscle-relaxing effect. At the same time, they help the brain switch off and shut down. An artificial sleep state is induced, resulting in the brain not working normally. Deep sleep phases, which are essential for restful sleep, are usually very difficult to achieve or even impossible to initiate. A certain dependency, which can occur faster than that of alcohol, is usually omnipresent after a short time. The nerves get used to the medication and may produce less of their own messenger substances. During the day it can cause exactly the opposite, the active ingredients are then stressful and make you less mentally resilient.

Even over-the-counter sleeping pills are not always harmless or harmless, especially those with the active ingredient doxylamine, which can have a strong dissecting effect. CBD has an anxiolytic, liberating and calming effect on the nerves and brain. It can have a natural anticonvulsant and muscle-relaxing effect. However, an artificial sleep state does not occur, because the substance triggers endogenous messenger substances in the body, which are also triggered in a natural state. For this reason, there is usually no dependency. It could even have a positive influence on our deep sleep phases and make the recovery effect more  noticeable the next day.

CBD against sleep problems - buy and dose

Anyone who has sleep problems should seek professional advice and learn about the effects of CBD. From many experience reports, the attempt can be worthwhile. CBD can be legally ordered on the Internet or purchased from a specialty store such as a pharmacy. Since every body reacts differently, a doctor should always be consulted before treating or taking CBD. Dosing should be done carefully in small increments. A sleep diary can help to find the right dosage. It is possible to get along completely without CBD preparation if the main causes have been treated and you have learned to balance your own life. It is best to use the drops 20 minutes before going to sleep. 

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How quickly can I expect positive effects from CBD hemp products?

CBD products are not medicines, but natural products. They have a high complementary effectiveness. Long-term use is usually possible without any problems. Due to the balancing properties of the hemp extracts, with sufficient and regular use, they can usually set in after 2 - 6 weeks.