CBD officially allowed at Olympic Games

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2022-02-10 13:11:00 / Sience Informations News
 CBD officially allowed at Olympic Games -  CBD officially allowed at Olympic Games

Improving performance is the goal of every athlete. With a few exceptions, amateur athletes are usually more relaxed about this goal than competitive athletes who earn their money with it. They need to get faster, higher and stronger, better today than tomorrow. Many resort to aids and thereby exceed the limits of what is permitted. Doping in all its facets has existed among professional athletes probably as long as there have been professional sports competitions.

WADA, an international non-governmental organization based in Montreal, was founded relatively late, namely in 1999. Its goal was and is to organize measures against doping in competitive sports at international and national level.

In Germany, NADA Germany (National Anti-Doping Agency Germany) has been responsible for everything to do with doping (prevention, controls, etc.) since it was founded.

Which substances fall within the scope of doping is updated annually by WADA and listed in detail in the "Prohibited List". Here is the current banned list from January 2018, where page 8 lists cannabinoids and the exemption for CBD:

Source: https://www.wada-ama.org/sites/default/files/prohibited_list_2018_en.pdf

The decision to remove the cannabinoid CBD from the banned list was announced in September 2017. Interestingly, in addition to CBD, alcohol also disappeared completely from the banned list at the beginning of 2018. That caused some astonishment, just think of Formula 1 races. But back to the CBD.

CBD is now very popular with athletes. Many report that CBD allows the body to regenerate much faster in the case of sore muscles, for example, and that CBD also provides relief in the case of long-term painful sports injuries.